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Acting Courses Mumbai India | School of Drama | Acting Workshops India

Leading Institute offering Acting Classes for Men and Women in Mumbai India. School of Drama with state of the art infrastructure to become an actor In Mumbai India.

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Non Linear Editing
Sound Design & Recording
Post Graduate Program in Media & Entertainment Marketing

Acting is about expressing the inner soul of the character with the help of facial expressions, dialogues, associated music, costumes and property.

It’s actually a two tier process, first an actor needs to understand the requirements of a given character and then use the individual strengths in terms of facial expressions, voice modulations, body language to enrich the character to be portrayed in flesh and blood.

Voice is an equally important element in the entire process, and as a gymnast builds and uses his/her body, so does the actor cultivates and tunes in his/her voice. Whether you are a beginner or an enthusiastic amateur, this course will provide range of practices in live/recorded mode.

Throughout the course the balance of teaching progresses from an emphasis on the technical skills that results in performance skills across the media. Certain yogic and other exercises are must for this course.

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